The best private university in Germany will hold a meeting with Ukrainian youth for the first time

In addition, most Canadian colleges recruit students three times a year: in September, January, and May.


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The document defines the activities until 2020 that are necessary for the start of the New Ukrainian School

The government has approved a plan to implement school reform

The government has approved a plan of necessary measures to be implemented by 2020 to implement school reform. The relevant order was adopted at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich, the document clearly defines the activities until 2020 required for the start of the New Ukrainian School.

“We are talking about the launch of new state standards, the printing of modern textbooks, the introduction of the conceptual foundations of a new system of training and professional growth of teachers, the creation of a new school structure,” said the Minister.

The Ministry of Education notes that all the activities provided for in the plan are necessary to meet the requirements of the reform.

In particular, it is a question of creation of 3-year senior profile school, updating the maintenance of education on a competence basis, increase of efficiency of educational process, maintenance of equal access to qualitative education of all pupils, irrespective of their social status , territory of residence or nationality, and transformation of Ukrainian schools in the lever of social equality.

It also provides for the expansion of the autonomy of educational institutions in the formation of their own educational programs.

In addition to a detailed action plan until 2020, the order contains a vision of the changes that will be needed between 2020 and 2029.

Within a month, the central executive bodies, regional and Kyiv state administrations, which are involved in the implementation of the plan, must develop their documents on which they will work to implement the order.

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At the exhibition “Education Abroad” you can learn the features of higher education in Cyprus

Representatives of Cypriot universities will arrive in Ukraine

During the exhibition “Study Abroad”, which will be held on November 17-19 in Kiev, Ukrainian applicants and students will be able to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Cypriot higher education.

Higher education in the Cyprus Pavilion will be presented by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and 6 Cypriot universities:

European University Cyprus; Frederick University; Naples University Paphos; UCLan Cyprus; University of Central Lancashire; University of Nicosia.

The organizers of the exhibition note that education in Cyprus opens up a number of opportunities for everyone. For international students, it is paid in both private and public institutions. However, the demand for education in this country is growing every year, due to many factors. First of all, there is no need for foreigners to take entrance exams and most universities have their own dormitories.

In addition, Cyprus has active government programs for financial assistance to students from other countries, through which significant discounts on tuition and scholarships can be obtained. For example, such a program can make training for you 30-50% cheaper.

In order to become a student at a prestigious university in Cyprus, you will need a high school diploma. To enter the master’s course you need a diploma from the appropriate institute.

Applicants will also need a good knowledge of English or Greek, as evidenced by an IELTS or TOEFL certificate. It is worth noting that the list of required documentation may vary depending on the selected university.

We should not forget about some features of studying in Cyprus. Training in public universities will begin in early September. Private institutions accept new students three times a year – in September, February, June.

After completing the entire course of study, you can stay on the island legally for another year for employment.

The exhibition “Study Abroad” will be held on November 17-19 at the Ukrainian House (Kiev, Khreshchatyk Street, 2) from 11.00 to 18.00. Admission is free.


The department has published a list of participants in the competition for the positions of specialists in reform

The Ministry of Education and Science is starting to test future experts on reforms

The Ministry of Education has published a list of participants in the competition for the position of specialists in educational reforms. According to the agency, on December 13, the processing of applications submitted for participation in the competition was completed.

A total of 317 candidates will take part in the competition.

The first stage of the competition, which will include testing of candidates for analytical skills and verbal (or numerical) thinking, will take place at the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics on December 14.

Participants are notified of the place and time of the start of the competitive selection.

As you know, on November 22, the Ministry of Education announced a competition to fill the vacant positions of specialists in education reform. In total, it is planned to select experts for 51 vacancies.

It is assumed that the salary of experts will be about 35 thousand UAH.

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Participation in the event from AnyWay will allow you to answer all questions about education abroad

EduEvent for those wishing to study abroad

On November 5-6, 2016, AnyWay will hold a special event for high school students, alumni, parents and anyone interested in studying abroad. The coworking center “HUB 4.0” will host individual consultations and seminars from representatives of rated private schools, colleges, language centers and universities from Canada, the United States and the EU.

Participants will be able to take an IELTS mock test or receive a certificate for free at the office. Also, everyone will be able to get a competent visa consultation or take tests for career guidance.

An interactive English lesson will be held for foreign language learners. There is also a fascinating quest, prizes, photo and food.

In parallel, several halls will host thematic seminars, where speakers will answer topical questions on admission, choosing a country of study, university, promising specialties, training, adaptation to a new environment and everything that may interest students, applicants and parents. Namely:

where it is better to learn foreign languages; how to choose a language center; what combined programs exist; how website that writes your lab reports to decide on the choice of educational institution; what is needed for admission; when you need to start preparing for admission; what are the types of preparatory programs; what professions will be in demand in the coming years; the cost of studying abroad.

Speakers include foreign representatives, experts and managers of AnyWay language programs, secondary and higher education, students and graduates of foreign universities.

Participation in the event is free.




The best private university in Germany will hold a meeting with Ukrainian youth for the first time

Jacobs University invites you to a meeting

Jacobs University, known for receiving the largest investment in Europe of 200 million euros, invites young Ukrainians to study. What are the prospects for students of this unique university and how to enter it, read below.

Imagine a special university in Germany, where students study by American standards and in English. Where representatives of 102 nationalities live and work together. Where it is not necessary to choose a specialty from the first year, but you can study at all faculties at once, until you decide on a profession.

Presented? Meet this is Jacobs University.

Never heard of such a university

The university is only 15 years old, but it is already considered the best private university in Germany. It is not future politicians and businessmen who study here, but the people in whose hands our future is: engineers, pharmacologists, environmentalists, economists. Jacobs University has an excellent teaching of applied sciences, so its graduates can easily find high-paying jobs in Germany, Europe and America.

Why Jacobs is the best

It is difficult to determine what one university is better than another. There are international ratings for this. Agree, when the same university regularly receives high marks, this is a reason to look at it more closely:

in 2001 (year of establishment of Jacobs University) the university was accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities; in 2004 all bachelor’s programs were accredited by the German Accreditation Council (Agency ACQUIN); 2006 – winner of the competition Schlüsselqualifikationen plus (Key Qualifications plus), organized by the educational organization Stiftung Mercator; Jacobs University’s educational programs are highly rated by independent rankings, including CHE and U-Multirank (in 2015 the university received the highest grades in Geology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics and Political Science; in 2016 – Biology and Psychology); today the university is part of the German “Excellence Initiative”.

Many Jacobs University graduates continue their education at top universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford.

Another important criterion is investment. In 2006, the private Jacobs Foundation transferred € 200 million to the university (then called the International University Bremen).

This impressive amount, the largest in the history of Europe, has created a truly unique educational campus: 34 green hectares with lecture halls, laboratory buildings and sports complexes.